Carriox TowerCap

Carriox TowerCap leverages its unique understanding of the carrier business environment to provide speedy invoice loan disbursement and affordable interest rates, giving it a preferable option to traditional lending channels. Invoice financing for cell tower construction is the way to redefine the future.

How Invoice Factoring Works
With Carriox TowerCap


Cell Tower construction companies will generate invoices within the duration of 30 to 120 days.


They will submit the invoices to our company and will sign the agreement.


After signing the agreement, we will provide advance factoring up to 90%.


We will receive the payment from the carriers or telecom companies.


We will keep our compensation and then transfer the reverse amount to the construction company.

Benefits Of Our Invoice
Factoring Service

Optimal support

Optimal support

Our cell tower funding process is short and renders support to telecom operators, commissioning, and construction companies

Rapid Qualification

Flexible and custom-made

We provide working cash to suit your changing company demands from the moment you send us your first invoice

Rapid Qualification

Process of Quick Financing

Our insurance partners and audit team help us assure a simple and rapid financing procedure

Rapid Qualification

Exceptional Customer Service

Account executives who will respond to your requests in real-time, ensuring that you are supported throughout the process

Our Approach to Invoice Factoring


1. KYC and Application

You must download and complete the form for KYC and applications. Following this, add the checklist papers, the list of originating and ending carriers, your signature, and other information. You must then submit the entire form to partners@carrioxcapital.comafter completing it.

2. Research

Carriox Capital's audit team conducts a thorough investigation based on the papers to determine the applicant's credit limit, which includes - factor application form, copy of customer list, including address and complete contact information, last 6 months of company bank statements, current aging A/R reports and month-end reports for the past 3 months, financial statements for the most recent full quarter and the previous two years, last three years of company tax returns, and so on. After completing all of these steps, submit the completed form to partners@carrioxcapital.com.

3. Certification and legal documentation

Before moving forward, a list of legal documents will be required. Factoring agreement, notification of receivables transfer & permission, and personal warranty are among the legal papers.

4. Creating a Circuit Account

After the application has been validated, the financial and technical teams collaborate to construct a circuit account containing basic customer information as well as rate and invoice information.

5. Provisioning of Switches

IP address assignment is utilized for monitoring daily traffic and revenue at the switch provisioning point, as well as signaling and Media IP provisioning for interconnection and portal setup for monitoring traffic data. The BillCall partition, on the other hand, was established to separate the list of carriers, allowing for more efficient monitoring of the process.

6. Pre-launch

We are finally ready to go live, but there are some critical things to verify before, such as Verification of Technical Parameters, Rates and Routing Configuration, IP/Trunk/ Prefix Configuration, and Verification of Technical Parameters.

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